Have You Investigated Artfire?

I stumbled across the website Artfire a little over a year ago. As a confessed Etsy addict I was happy to find another shopping pad for vintage, handmade and unique items. Artfire’s “about us” page informs the world that they are a small company “with a passion for handmade, art, and indie business.” Based out of Arizona, Tucson to be exact, I was blown away to discover that this amazing site is run by just 15 employees.

If you have an Etsy addiction (it’s okay I won’t tell anyone) and you haven’t checked it out check, click on over to Artfire.com  I would describe it as an online flea market/antique shop/thrift shop where you’ll surely leave with a great find. Added plus, you can do it in your pj’s.

Here’s some treasures I found in the “Vintage” and “Home Decor” this morning:

Sarah Anntiques (that’s not a typo it’s the actual shop name)

Vintage Check Printer 

$30….would looks lovely in any vintage vinette…..


Seller Luscadero has these Hobnail Milk Glass Lamps….the PAIR is $39.00 and they are absolutely lovely!

Seller Lucky Lady has these superb Shabby Chic Wall Shelves…Set of 2 is $10, with US shipping being $10.70, I think they’re a great deal for $20.70!

Trendy Bindi has these cream colored chippy vintage shelves for $20.00. If you purchase with another item from their shop shipping is just $5.00

Vintage Runway has these Amber Glass Canisters, I find the detail delightful….$35.00 for the set with free shipping if purchased with another item from their shop


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