Bold Home Pops With Color


Love the jewel tones featured in this dining room, along with the mismatched seating and bold art, it’s elegant and fun at once ~ and that equals an enjoyable dining experience

Adore that bed, the lines are so clean and it seems the perfect spot to curl up.

Pink, yellow and zebra is so bold, funky, glam and I love it!


images via Style at Home


London Graffiti Home

LOVE this flat that I came across while perusing Sisters Agency. Run by Birgitta Wolfgang Drejer the ever so talented photographer that takes all these lovely images and her journalist sidekick sister Julia Mincarelli, their site is nothing less than awe-inspiring as the rooms are unique and full of life.

To quote their amazing website – “Sisters Agency produces and markets images and complete photo features focusing on lifestyle, interior design and travel.”


This home is indexed as the Artist/Rock’n Graffiti in London an I think with London Style becoming the new fabulous design fad, this home sets the plate for us (and raises the bar).

Where do I start, oh how about that settee? The black one, with the Union Jack pillow….and the way it’s placed so naturally vs the clean lines of the cream sofa.

I am taken with the silver ball (gazing?) placed near the coffee table. It’s eye-catching, light reflecting and shiny….all things on my lists of design loves.
















Here we get a better look at that black wonder….how fantastic is looks with the vintage trunk and large task light. And that cage! Look at the curves, they are incredible.

















I came close to fainting when I saw this. I find it just incredible. I have been dragging around a french dresser I painted with a Union Jack since when I was 15. I’m 35 now and I love it more than ever (even if everyone and their mother has one now) and this bed would be the perfect mate for it if I actually had it in the boudoir. SEXY. FUN. LOVE.



















Honestly I don’t know what to comment on first here….is it that LAMP. Look at the size, the choice of shade (LOVE THE COPPER COLOR) or the fact that it is PERFECT in this home. Look at the “burlesque” trunk it sits so mightly upon. Look at those chairs! They look butter soft and so foxy!

If you would like to check out the rest of this rocking home click here.

The Finest Rooms in America

Just a few pages of glamorous living out of “The Finest Rooms in America” by Thomas Jayne.
The book is available on Amazon for $29.92 if you are interested a completely opulent viewing experience in the comfort of your favorite reading spot.