Italian Design Bedrooms

The repeated line for this post…”just look at the headboard”…..

I featured a baby crib in an early post by Italian Design Firm Savio Firmino. Their bedrooms are just a breathtaking. Ultra glamorous and absolutely fabulous…..

I love the cream palette her, I find it bright without being harsh. The chairs are simply impeccable, and the mirrors flanking the bed…superb. (Have you noticed the headboard?)

As in the first bedroom featured the designer used sheer fabric on the ceiling, softening the entire room and lending an air of romance. (Just look at that headboard)

Similar palettes throughout all the bedrooms, cool deep blues along with creams. Here those mirrors appear again, this time flanking a smaller bed, but no less beautiful…and lastly, I love the headboard 😉


Absolutely Stunning Italian Designer Baby Crib

Sometimes you see something that makes you feel as if there is no possible way you could find something more pretty….please gaze with me at this crib, by Florence design firm Savio Firmino.

Personally, this crib is hands down the sweetest one I have ever laid eyes, being Italian perhaps I’m a little partial, but I just think it is so gorgeous.