More Rustic Chic

Rustic Chic home decorating continues to grow in popularity rapidly. Perhaps it’s the ease it allows the inhabitant of the home to have in terms of creativity and having a warm, welcoming flat to return home to after a tiring a day. The cozy fabrics with eclectic mix of decor coupled with warm color palettes and textures enhance the spaces, inviting one to relax and feel enveloped in an snug spot of their world. Crystal chandeliers, golds and silvers are welcome in these spots encouraging a sense of glamor and surprise with supporting styles ranging from traditional to contemporary. It’s the evolution of shabby chic, cottage and chic and eclectic decorating rolled into one beautiful package…tied with twine. I love the lived in feel brought to the table by these spaces……

2 beautiful rooms above :

two lovely rustic kitchens :



Gorgeous Rustic Chic Home

Our humble home is under a constant state of evolving design. Since I was a tiny one I’ve always adored re-arranging furniture and switching up the decor. I inherited this attribute from my sweet mama, who was consistantly moving anything that wasn’t nailed down…and still is… probably as I type this.
We’ve lived in quite a few homes and the array of items aquired over the years are quite ecletic, but lately I’ve been on a wood kick, and I find the neautral canvas they provide for the rest of our decor lovely unsurpassed by anything we’ve brought together before. A blue glass vintage wine jug placed upon a wooden dresser brings the colors of sand and ocean in. A weathered mirror over the fireplace softens the hard lines and darkness that comes when a fire is not burning. I’m sure you catch the jest.
So when I received my Elle Decor, December 2010/January 2011 I was immediately taken with the cover and featured home…below are just a few highlights….

The white slipcovered dining chairs pop from this rustic dining room, while the bookcases provide visual interest without overloading the senses.

Loving both the stone fireplace and dining chairs here. Looks like the perfect spot for wine and cheese, which they have all ready for us at the table, which I also love.

Completely entraced whenever an Italian campaign bed appears. I find the simple lines elegant and this room completely sets the mood for cozy rest.

One word. STUNNING. The silver tub is a showstopper with the sunlight coming through the windows. Completely warm and inviting.

I’m all for darker rooms. With adequate windows, as this one clearly has, I think they cocoon ones living in a sense of warmth and comfort. The ceiling in this room, as simple as it might seem is beautiful showing off range of tones that make the room glow. Dottings of orange shaded highlights in the throws (Hermes), books and flowers play wonderful with it.